some little gems I found

so sometimes I take pictures for fun, and sometimes because there's a fun blog-esque story attached to them. these are a little bit of both. and maybe somewhat an accident. but hey, who doesn't love sharing embarrassing and mildly rude pictures on the internet...

well, one time I took this one because my hometeacher showed up and I was studying in stretchy pants.... and a hot bun. which, mind you, is typical but probably not my best look. [oh, yes that is a sportsbra and yes there is always always lipstick] and I thought, "well, that's typical me", so naturally, it should go here. also... one time boys showed up and I was in Christmas boxers and my lace shirt from the day. hallelujah that there was no picture for that one. hey, I'm a huge fan of whatever suits your fancy.



also, 1. I found this picture and thought it was hilarious. I think it was meant to show the ring... 2. somehow it describes my feelings about finals week to a cue and 3. cool ring, right? go mom.

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Schwartzie said...

a hahaha that ring picture is beyond words