Some catch up... more to come!

So it's become a sudo-tradition around these parts to have what we fondly call a last supper.
Mostly it's only two years in the running because we've only been here two years....
but who's counting?
This year it was still freezing cold when the time came around to say our goodbyes, 
so we had an indoor picnic.
Here's a piece of the magic.
I miss my old roommates, and Fall semester, when everyone was here. 
But for life to move forward, some things have to be left behind I guess.
Hopefully just for a minute...sometimes longer.

If there's one thing I've learned in college..... 
you just have to make things work.
Prime example found above, and below (excuse the hair in the eyes please)...
Part 1 of making it work: the bag. 
do I own fancy frosting piping? negative. 
But for simple things, bags do great! Did you ever know that?
I'm sure you did... but then again you all are probably more sophisticated than I....
and use better means to frost your cakes. 

Part 2: I didn't want to have to wash the mixing bowl four different times
(or dirty four different bowls for that matter).
So I mixed the food coloring in the bag!
It reminded me of those times in elementary school when you squish whatever is in the plastic bag in your lunch..... or were we the only children who did that?
and I will stop while I'm ahead. or behind. or where ever that last comment left me. 

Regardless, I am on my way out the door to take a quiz. 
What kind you ask? 
Floral Design!
Do I have to be able to identify a split-leaf philodendron?
(whose more fun name is swiss cheese plant)
and myrtle?
and throatwort?
and lobster-claw heliconia?
sure do :)

Someday soon I'll share with you my list of things I would like to blog about
and summer goals
and favorite moments from my trip home.
Until then!


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