On being bold

I had long hair.
Then one time I was bold.
And I chopped it off.
I didn't tell people.... 
because I didn't want to make a big to-do.
but I think sometimes we have to do bold things. 
Things we want to do. 
Hair can be like this safety blanket.
The only hesitation I think I had was because... it was just that. 
It was something people thought was beautiful about me. 
And they told me so. 
And cutting it off... I risked losing that.
But I think sometimes we just risk things. 
Make ourselves a little more vulnerable. 
Go out on a limb.
And it will be ok. 
We will be better off for it :)
Be a little bit more you, 
and a little bit less scared.

And I took mirror pictures to capture every angle.
For you. and my mom. and my grandma.
and because it's fun sometimes.

So here's to being bold. 
And making decisions for no one but you.

Tomorrow at 10AM and 2PM my time 
is general conference.
and Sunday too.
if only for a minute. 
prophets still speak. 
i know they do.

have a wonderful, wonderful, happy day :)


Leslie said...

Oh wow! I LOVE IT!!! you look so so beautiful! xx

Jen Kerr said...

I LOVE IT!! you are too adorable!

Katie Marie said...

ohmygosh!!!! taylor this is wonderful! love it so so much!! youre amazing, good for you for being so bold!

Phillip and Katrina said...

Your hair is just as beautiful! and i love it, i've been craving a haircut for sometime now. I will be bold as well sometime this next week :)

Donald said...

Yay for being bold! I cut my hair short too. I think it's liberating.

Paige Brunt said...

i love your new hair! you are beautiful!

Covey and Kelsey Cole said...

clicked over here from your sister's blog, you are absolutely gorgeous with long and short hair! your blog is so cute:)