Dev 20 "isms"

So when any of us get home from a date, the question does not arise, "rate it:1-10"
Our rating scale is called the Real/Fake scale.. "How was it? 100% real? Totally fake?" 
Where are you between the two foot spread of my hands?

We say things like... well, "don't embarrass the family"
& "make good choices"
when anybody leaves with a date.
we do things like lay on the floor and giggle after too much pie.
or giggle uncontrollably for lots of reasons really.
we dress up like each other sometimes. 

some of us bake together...some of us don't ;)
we have a poster of Tony Horton in our living room.
and me. and a valentines tree, and fresh flowers.
mostly we love each other.

and I love us :)
the 20yearolds of Dev 20.

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