the art of losing.

Do you ever not know where to start with a blog post?
Like nothing you write sounds like what you feel.
Well, that's been me lately. 

It's a funny thing, losing.
It hasn't happened to me a lot.
and I didn't expect to cry.
But I did.
I was so embarrassed.
I hate crying.
I cried for alot of reasons.
Because I was overwhelmed.
By the support people showed...
Because I no longer had a plan....
Because I felt like I let people down....
Even though part of my brain knew that was irrational.
[but why can't that part speak up over my emotions?]
Putting yourself out there like that is...well, vulnerable.
And it's made me a little tougher.
And now it's time to find a new plan.
That's something I can do.

A good balance of winning and losing is important.
If you just win all the time, you won't get anything out of it; 
having some tough losses can be really important.
-Andrew Shue 


The Mister and The Missus said...

chin up girl, I love you :)

Cici said...

<3 I love you. So much.