study through the night.

So last night we had a study party. 
By party I mean we actually were pretty productive. 
On my tiny floor. As you can see us+2 computers hardly fits. 
then Lin fell asleep curled up next to me on the bed. 
while we talked about boys and life and i scratched her back. 
we're good at that game. 

I woke up with the lights on.
& my computer in my lap. 
& maybe a kink [...or 5] in my back.
But I don't care. 
These are the nights I'll miss when she's gone. 
gone to Jerusalem [cross your fingers everybody]
or living in a different apartment. 
or someday gone to her own little life. 
and I'll have mine. 

But let's never say forever. 
because that's much too long to go without nights like these. 
late hours.

Have a good day. 
I'm feeling brave today. 


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Paige Brunt said...

hold on to those fun nights chatting with rooommates! you will miss the girl-time when it's gone! (but i wouldn't have it any other way!)