giving the best gifts.

gifts are hard sometimes.
but really, the "best" ones aren't always the best ones. 
this little puppy [found below] was one of my very favorite birthday gifts this year. 
and the corny reason I love it? because it's filled with love and care :) really though. it is.


some more of my favorite gifts of late:
1. flowers. they never get old and they make you feel great just having them in your hand. 
how? not sure. just trust me there. 
2. a bike! but not just because it's a bike, because my mom knew that's what I really wanted :)
[t-minus approx a week until it is here. in my loving arms]
3. cupcakes! ok, so my lovely Aspen had cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place [sweet tooth fairy]
sent to my house. could I make cupcakes? sure could. but that doesn't matter. i loved the thought. so much.

flowers die, 
our "sisters" book is of no value to the outside world, 
cupcakes aren't a necessary food group, 
and i could walk instead of ride a bike... 
but that's not the point.
In the wise words of Pierre Corneille...  
"The manner of giving is worth more than the gift."

So give a gift today :)

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The Mister and The Missus said...

I'm glad you feel that way..because minus the bike, I give you all of those gifts on a semi-regular basis! Love you!