The "Hangout Boys"

So this is a rant I wrote a month or so ago and never posted.
I could never imagine why I didn't... ;)
haha, I found it entertaining.
Thought I would share it with you.

This one goes out to the
"Hangout Boys"

Get a clue.
Girls don't like you.
We don't want to just "hang out" all the time.
What does that even mean?
Plan something for crying out loud!
It does not have to be elaborate.
Invite us over to make dinner.
Or play a game.
Or anything really....
But, "we should hang out sometime"
Just isn't doing great things for your point tally in our boy books.

Please be real men.
Some of us are used to those, and we like them.
Why are there songs like "ladies love country boys"?
Because country boys know how to be gentlemen, sure.
but also men.
I mean, what are you, scared of us?
When confidence is the best thing a boy can have going for him,
the whole scared thing is not appealing.
or a valid excuse.
Or maybe you just don't understand
that "hangout" is this ambiguous, fake word.
And it kind of means a whole lot of nothing.

Acceptable options:
We should do something this week. [aka you will actually call her...and you've given a timeline]
Hey, would you want to [insert activity here]?

Thanks for reading my rant.



Jen Kerr said...

i freaking love this! seriously, every boy needs to read this.

Leslie said...

thank you! i wish guys [and enabling girls] would get the clue!


Jordyn said...

We should've had this printed out and ready to read aloud at our meeting earlier ;)