1. I went to get mountain dew with my roommate at 11pm. [sue me] need some creepy men in your life? stop by the 7-11 around this time of night. winners, for real.
2. Turned in a quiz due at midnight... at 11:55. still failed. accounting, why do you hate me so? never fear,  our relationship will expire in about a week.
3. Had my awesome TA help correct my paper... what an angel, she just boosted my grade 20%.
4. Wrote some more marriage insights for another paper.
5. Got asked on a date... when I already had one. shoot. why does that happen during finals? or maybe it's the fact they all got reprimanded this weekend. either way. come on children.
6. went on top of the SWKT. sweet view of all of Provo? nobody gets to go up there? yes and yes.
7. skipped my first class? yep. don't you worry, today marks my limit of absences before my grade is affected. free absence? that happened.
8. Learned some Paso Doble. Where the boys are supposed to be like bullfighters. welcome to my life.
9. Have I caught myself saying "good gracious" approximately 10 times today? Affirmative. Why? Literally no idea. Whatsoever.
10. Watched La Misma Luna. Was also informed by the man at blockbuster that people in America call it Under the Same Moon. Ok, it's in spanish... so if you don't know what "La Misma Luna" means, you probably aren't going to catch much. or watch it for that matter.
11. It's 12:30 and I still have three assignments to do. love school. love love love love.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

ha, #11 made me laugh. :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

and by #11, i mean #10....