good days.

Some days are good :)

Like today. 
I got and A on both my spanish oral exam and my last accounting quiz.

went to Bijou Market with Jess and Kasee .
bought some darling items that you will see pictures of when I have natural lighting.
(my apartment somehow has the worst lighting on planet earth...really)

then, I won a blog giveaway!
clutch and headband. you will know when they get here.

Made a playlist of fabulous music for pottery-making tomorrow.
mmmmm. yep.

and now I will write in my journal, read No Doubt About It, finish a letter.
and lay my head down to dream happy dreams.

think back on your day and remember all the happy things.
there's always at least one. sometimes more... :)


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beau&lindee said...

when i saw that you won the give a way i was so happy for you! it looks sooo cute!