spring term is happy term.

Spring term is absolutely fabulous.
Today I rode my bike home from school 
with a big satchel over my shoulder 
and a flower peeking out the side. 
and the wind blowing in my hair.
Tell me that doesn't scream spring.
So what is being done with these beautiful days?
Well, a sister date had to happen... naturally....
with cutie mini sodas
and cupcakes
[from our favorite shop]
and bites so big they leave lipstick on your chin
and all kinds of late night adventureswith wonderful friends 
are happening all the time.

Now, I will fall asleep to raindrops. 
Goodnight world.

oh, aaaand.....
April, I know you're allowed to bring showers 
[for the whole May flowers thing....]
but you only have two more days. 
get it over with and let the sun come back.


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Anonymous said...

You should try Cupcake Chic next to University mall. Their cupcakes are amazing!!!!