musically minded.

One time a song came on the radio.
And I got chills.

Is it normal to have a mind that knows almost every word to every song on my ipod? Or that can remember exact situations where I listened to songs and how I was feeling? It's funny... because I'm not musically talented. No sir. I apparently waited in other lines for other things in Heaven. But what on earth was I thinking? Because I sure as heck love it.

I also sing. Out loud. and by out loud, I mean you probably won't catch me whispering songs in my car. No, no, I sing them out loud. and sometimes in everyone elses cars too, although I know that's embarrassing. It just happens. I can't help it.

Here's some songs I've loved as of late.
Country music... so good.

this one.

& this one.

& this one. 

& this one.

oh, & this one too.


Jen Kerr said...

i love these songs! so good.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

yes! very normal. totally know what you mean.