tribute to birks.


I love my birks.
They were one of those golden deals at DI. 
Brand New. five dollars...
And I wore them like they were going out of style. 
They were my signature item. 
Everyday of summer....
and as long as my toes could stand through fall.
When my luggage was lost in a foreign country for five days, 
we hiked mountains together. 
When I needed something quick to slip on [that matched anything], 
they were there. 
When I was a counselor at summer camp?
I wore them everyday. 
It used to be that my best friends mom was the only person I knew who could wear birkenstocks. She also had hair down to her hips and didn't shave her legs. And I loved her [still do], but I never thought I would adopt some of her style. I had a freshman tell me this year, "I didn't know anybody but my mom wore birkenstocks" well, surprise! 
They are wonderful. 
Now, unfortunately, I must bid them farewell. 
I've gorilla glued them as many times as they can stand. 
[no, but really, I have gorilla glued them]
So maybe someday I'll save up enough for a new pair. 
Preferably before summer. 
actually that's not an option. 
it's a MUST.

Until next time I'll be here, loving my James Morrison pandora playlist.
You should make yourself one.

oh, and ps.....
reason 548 why I love my new hair.
I did not have to wash or brush it this morning.

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Krewson Family said...

haha this is great and nancy is my favorite :)