so I'm back from my sabbatical...

Spring semester may be here, but spring is far from my mind. I wore a full jacket and boots today. Yes, they are my favorite boots, but I may-or-may-not-have worn them nearly every day this winter... so I'm ready for a change. Sandal weather, I'm ready for you.
But on to spring semester. You may think I've made a mistake, but no! I am not lying to you when I say that school has already started again. A mere Friday+Monday was the extent of my break. And I digress... I sat in class today and learned about flowers. Yes I did. My teacher is darling. and hilarious. And somehow, even though I just ranted about the shortness of my break, I feel ready to take on a new semester. In fact, I feel ready to take on the world. 
But mostly I'm just so grateful today. I'm grateful for the happiness that is my life.  I'm grateful for the clean, cute space that is my room. I'm grateful for the happy and wonderful bunch that I have the privilege to call family. I'm grateful for BYU and the spirit of happiness that permeates everything around (even if it is freezing outside), I could go on for days, but today I'm just grateful for the general splendor of life. Sometimes I just like to sit back and take it in.
To sum it up: hating the weather. loving the life.
and on a different note, remember how once upon a time.... I took a trip over to Bijou Market? 
well, now I'm finally getting around to showing you the treasures I found.
(I know it was weeks ago.. but finals, family, graduations, and goodbyes have taken up my time and attention...give a girl a break)

treasure #1.
a darling skirt

treasure #2
a necklace.

so, this necklace....
I've seen it before, and wanted to get it then,
but for various reasons... I didn't.
well thank heaven for second chances, right?
because there it was again, and this time I went right ahead.
I love the design. the delicate crane and simple rose.
but I also love that it reminds me of people that really care.
Because sometimes we all need reminders that someone cares.
Because don't forget, somebody always does.