joy of procrastination.

I could have finished a whole abs class by now.
But instead I'm blog stalking and watching a funny clip on procrastination.
yes, while I'm procrastinating.
But in all actuality procrastination can be traced to most bad things. Common examples:
I can study later.
I can exercise later.
I can write that thank you note later.
I will be better when I have more time.
I will read that book when I have time.
Someday I will shoot for the stars, but today I'm ok being average.
How many of these sound familiar?
Fun fact, life doesn't get easier or less time consuming. And speaking of time consuming activities....
Finals are coming! But surprisingly, I'm not in a panic. Check with me again in a week or so and I'll let you know how I'm holding up. Actually, I should be done with my finals in a week. Yes. So Check with me on Monday night. 

Favorite moment of the day-
President Samuelson and I had a chat today. A legit, two minute chat. Grabbed my shoulder and we talked about how we shouldn't stress about finals. Study hard, but there's no need to stress out of your mind. I guess when you hear that from the President of your university, you should listen, right?

Quote of the day-
"I just look at it this way, if you have great hair you
have great hair. Length isn't so much an issue as lusciousness. And
you my dear have luscious hair."

Book for the summer book list-
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
I love him already.
Can't wait.

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paige brunt said...

wow. you got to talk to THE MAN?! jealous. i think i would blubber and then say something like, "you're my hero" and walk off embarrassed....