So, once upon a time I came to the realization that you don't have to be mature in every way to be a grown up. In fact, you're totally allowed to have fun. No matter what. I've heard the President of my University chuckle at a slightly inappropriate slip (crap....said out loud... at a fancy luncheon...on a microphone), and crack a joke or two himself. I have a sister and brother-in-law who speak in silly voices to each other and dance and giggle. President Holland flashed a peace sign at the crowd during general conference no more than a few weeks ago, and my dad loves watching movies like hot rod and napoleon dynamite.

Dear life, I think I'm almost ready to be a grown up.

I'm just not ready to be completely serious.

Hope that's ok with you.


The Mister and The Missus said...

so true.

Katie Marie said...

i like the way you think. life would just be WAY too boring for complete seriousness!