cleaning out the closet.

So Jess and I have a track record.
We have collectively....
lived through 43 Valentine's Days.
been bridesmaids in 7 weddings.
were elected to homecoming court 6 times.
were named princess twice and queen twice.
and attended 20 different formal dances.
...at five different schools.

that made for a lot of roses.
 and hey, girls like roses. 
And who wants to throw roses in the trash when you're 16? 
That's right, nobody. 
So they have stayed...

 in drawers...

 and boxes...
 in vases...
 and baskets.
 in water basins
 and adorning

And in this big move that's happening right now, we thought it might be time to say goodbye.
Because, well, it's over. And also... 
how do you successfully transport huge bags of dry roses without making a complete and utter mess?
You don't.
So, [being the slight pyro that it is in my blood to be] 
I decided it was time to have a little bonfire. 
Plus, it's more dramatic. And thus, more fun.

Thanks for the good times, high school.


Jessica Holly said...

LOL. Way to let those High School boys go down in flames ;)

Nicole Rogers said...

This is a beautiful post. You lovely Veater girls, you.

Schwartzie said...

bittersweet and beautiful, as always=]