Summer Adventures: Berkeley edition

Don't hate me too bad for neglecting to update this baby for so long.
If you understood how wonderful my week has been, you would be totally understanding.
So trust me on this one.
Now, I will proceed to give you a teaser of my fabulous week.
aka....just the first few days :)

Remember, Aspen? and how much I love her?
I got to visit her this week!
She goes to UC Berkeley [aka Cal. aka really smart]
and it is quite the cuteclutter-hippie dream town if I say so myself.
Here are some things that you must do while you're there.
1. Go to La Med [hi, I have the Berkeley lingo down]

because the food looks like this.

and a restaurant is nearly always worth trying when it is this cute outside.

2. Go to Ici.

because who can pass up some strawberry-balsamic carmel swirl...?
Shoot, actually I can. I got malted vanilla. 
And it was dang good.
In the words of a local...
"you only go there for the cones anyways"
but really, their flavors are so cool
[don't judge me... it's just that when it comes to sweets, I like'm SWEET]

3. Go to cheeseboard
Preferably, you should get a very drunk lady and her girlfriend to pay for your whole pizza so they can cut you in line. At least, that's what we did....

4. But whatever you do, it will be a whole lot better if you take along a friend
and sit on a rooftop if at all possible.
because I love most everything about Coarsegold,
but there's something about city lights that's so enchanting.

And if you can, have late night giggles and chats until midnight.
and remember your childhood. 
and appreciate that friendship even more than you did before.
because it's good to be with people who know you. all the way. through and through. 
from beginning to end :)

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Jessica Holly said...

beautiful photos... as always!