Summer Adventure: Part 1

Last weekend my parents left for date night. 
and Zane was out of town. 
That left Brooke. 
And I.

Yes please. I love datenight with Brooke.
I was headed out on an adventure to get some sticks [for a project I will be judged for and consequently tell you about at a later date] at the ranch, and Brooke came along. 
It was a lovely night, and the sun was casting that perfect kind of late-evening glow on everything. 
That's where the magic is.

After our adventure took the long way home by the lake, which happens to be our favorite way.

I mean, it looks like this....can you blame us for loving it?
Or sticking our heads out the window to take pictures?

This particular trip, though, the enticement was more than we could bear. 
We left the country music blasting in the truck for a minute while we went down to the lake side.
Needless to say, the fun of it all....
baby frogs, pretty leaves, shimmering water...
drew us a little too close to the water. 
Then it turned in to accidental mud up to our ankles,
and lots of skid marks.

and very dirty shoes.

and muddy feet.

but lots of "I love yous"
and fun memories.

It was worth every moment and speck of mud.

1 comment:

anna said...

seriously stunning images.
wish i could shoot nature like this!!!