Ok, so at work my little to-go packet of crystal light spilled in my bag.
Trivial, right? Why would I blog about that?
Mostly, it was just annoying, but after I emptied my things onto my desk an image popped into my mind.
You know how girls will do blog posts about the contents of their purses? Well, if not, please visit my sister's post on the matter and feel free to compare.

Mostly, they're always so darling. Mine?

Let's state the obvious.
-4 rubber bands (hey, don't judge. my hair may not fit in a ponytail, but I pull off a mean set of pigtails when I work out.)
-5 million identical nail files
-8 tubes of chapstick and/or lipstick
-1 piece of package-less gum
-a fortune from a fortune cookie
-an appointment reminder

Things we can learn about me from this (not that we all truly care, but bare with me here...):

I will freely admit that the majority of my time spent in this lifetime, I don't really pay as much attention as I should. [The 2 seemingly identical bottles of mascara] Sometimes I buy two of the same kinds of mascara because I accidentally bought waterproof the first time.

A clean-feeling mouth (preferably actually clean, as opposed to clean-feeling) is a must. It's like a breath of fresh air. Literally. [Note the mint lipgloss, gum, and toothpick] In fact I'm chomping away on some gum as we speak. Or as I write. Or whatever this is.

I'm scatterbrained. There are [three bottles of nailpolish] there. 2 of almost the exact same shade. So not only do I forget to paint my nails before I leave the house sometimes.... but also I obviously forget what's already in my purse. (aka..hello dear, there is red nailpolish in there from the last time you forgot)

The only thing missing? My [three books] that I had taken out earlier to set on my desk. Aka I'm trying to become smarter than I currently am. "Improve myself by a sense of reading" in the words of Mr. Darcy.

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