So one time I went thrifting with my mom. 
It was fabulous, and someday I'll show you all the things we did with our take-home treasures.
But endurance is key in these endeavors. 
Because, you see, it was over 100 degrees that day. 
And the Disabled American Veterans thrift shop has no air conditioning. 
And also may be found in a sketch part of town where your nerves get a little nervous.
[if you know what I mean]
So, here I am. 
A hot mess.

But when you see things as darling as this matchbox, 
there's just not much to complain about.

 Aside from that, below you can see what takes up a large majority of my life.
And a to-read stacks of books.
Hope your night is swell.

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Layla said...

I am obsessed with thrift shops. Especially going for books and clothes.