How to successfully survive....

a day at work (dare I say "enjoy"?)
so we had a conversation yesterday. me and dad.
we have lots of conversations these days [seeing that we spend nearly every waking hour within 10 yards of each other] but anyways, we were talking....and by we I mean I think I was doing most of the talking at this point....about how I love being busy. thank heavens I have a 9-5 job, because I think I would go crazy without it. so I thought I would share a few of the things that are essential in getting me through.
Step 1: Moisturize..
Or keep something on hand that you like I guess....
I, personally am obsessed with Bath and Body's Shea Cashmere Hand Cream and Rose Salve.
I'm also a huge anti-fan of dry skin and lips. Soooo...
you best believe these are constantly on hand.

Step 2: Hydration! 
When I'm sitting at a desk all day it's easy to keep water on hand and sip.
Sipping is better than snacking, no? 
Because they're equally as easy...
Step 3: Tunes.
If at all possible, I highly suggest it.
Step 4: Keep snacks on hand.
My guilt-free treat of choice is gum :)

Step 5: Look decent. 
Nobody can look great every day
[wait, don't I have a sister that accomplishes that feat?]
but for the majority of us... decent is totally great.

Ok, so some of you may be calling me a hypocrite right now for that last one. [I'm a large fan of sweats and I never blowdry my hair] but what I'm trying to say here is look presentable! When you feel cute outside, you feel better about yourself inside. Girls are emotionally connected all over the place...if you are a girl you understand what I mean. If you are a boy.... [are there many of you out there reading this...?] just trust me. Last summer I didn't quite have this one figured out. Mostly I didn't wear any makeup [not a bad thing... but it wasn't due to great skin and summer freedom. the culprit was laziness...] and didn't care what I wore. I figured I was seeing my dad's clients all day....and Donny too I suppose.... so why would I care what I looked like? That happened to me my senior year too. I think I went through at least a few months where I wore a large sweatshirt, jeans, and vans every. single. day. [aka do I not sound sooo frumpy? don't judge me]

Sooooo what changed? Well, my sister always has been really good at being cute. Like wears cute outfits all the time, portrait of perfection, etc etc. and I used to ask her sometimes why she got so cute when there wasn't always what I thought was a "reason". Then I read an article one time where somebody was talking about putting on mascara before she went to the gym....not because she was looking to impress anybody....but that was the one thing that made her feel presentable. So I figured out that everybody has something that makes them feel better about themselves inside. Some people don't need makeup. I happen to feel about a thousand times better if I have two things: mascara and lipstick. Some people need to do their hair to feel presentable: I don't care enough in that department. I feel fine with crazy hair. In fact, the crazier, the better. 

So take the extra five minutes. Maybe it only takes two. 
Whip out your cute shoes.
Blowdry your hair.
Paint your nails. 
Wear a headband.
Put on a dress.
Put that sparkly, shimmery something to good use [hey, can't every day be a special occasion?]

For me, I'll keep my mascara and lipstick close at hand.
Feel pretty today.
Because you are :)

[someday remind me to blog about confidence... I have had some major life discoveries in that category over the years...still learning.]

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Jessica Holly said...

hahahaha! Are you talking about Brooke? Just kidding. but it's funny how sisters work... I always think YOU'RE the cute one!