My little sister is now into purses
[among other things like lipgloss and high heels...]
Welllll.... it happens to be that my mom is also into purses. 
And has been for alot of years
And has saved many of those purses from aforementioned years.....
So a few nights back, we spread them out all over the floor and looked through every one!
The little treasure I'm going to share with you was from 1996. 
And full of all kinds of goodies.
rolls of film and blue lipstick cases. 
Giga pet instructions and pez dispensers.
Bubbles and tie-dye stickers [jess, please say you remember those]
Christmas lists for all of us ["all of us" totaling three...Brooke was not even a thought yet]
Mine included the Samantha American girl doll and a tigger beanie.
Yes, tigger, as in friend to Winnie the Pooh.
Coupons from the days when we really had to pinch our pennies.
School pictures and "jewel" rings. 
The kind you get at Boomers that we thought were so cool...
[also, what is that flying saucer coming out the left side of my head? rough fashion days I tell ya...]
Pocahontas bracelets.
And CTR rings for tiny fingers.

Not only did I get to reminisce on blissful kindergarten days of American Girl Dolls and stride rite tennis shoes, but I got a retro Dooney and Bourke out of the deal!

I'd mark it a major success. 
What reminds you of being little?

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Kelsey and Covey said...

oh my goodness. I totally had a 101 dalmatians giga pet back in the day. This post is priceless:) who knew a purse could make for a perfect little time capsule!