If I had a cute husband to take pictures of my outfits lately, I would. 
I've been pretty bold. And I'm kind of liking it. 

Too bad everyone I see during the day is over 45. 
Or Katy, whom I love. 
But she's a girl. 
and a newlywed.
Somehow it just doesn't seem to count as much.

Anyways, I saw this on pinterest this week.
Thought it was hilarious. 
Because it is. 
I think that describes my life lately. 
Wasting outfits on insignificant days. 
Just minus the fear part. I'm letting it happen.
Although daddy has thrown out a few compliments.
So maybe not completely wasted outfits. I mean you can't have daddy thinking you're a slob, right? 
He even suggested I wear one of my outfits to what he deems a very important upcoming event in my life.
That's a story for another time.....
but trust me, that means it was pretty decent.

On another note, I think I'm addicted to thrifting. 
That's not the worst thing that could happen, right?
but really.


Phillip and Katrina said...

Love that quote I feel like that all the time. Plus I have few outfits I would deem "awesome."

anna said...

i feel like this nearly every day. maybe we should all just spend our summers in the same sundress and/or swimsuit? i'd be okay with that.

Jessica Holly said...

embrace the addiction...love the addiction.