Fall Favorites thus far.

Fall is this beautiful time of year, especially the first few weeks of school.
Every conversation, every class, every person: it's all new.
I walk around in awe . 
Because, after the more static nature of summer, 
my world is suddenly more alive than I remembered it being before.
And of course, the repeat places and friendly faces are more than welcome too.

My current Fall Favorites are these:
(a) the Ferris Wheel in the middle of the square.
[yes, I go to school in a magical place. comparable to Hogwarts]

 (b) fhe movie dates with the sister.
[every window was down and both voices were turned all the way up.]
(c) dates always include cupcakes. 
[we just can't seem to get away from "vaniella". and a new location? score]
(d) girls night out splitting pizza and salad.
[with lots of boy talk, mind you]

(e) windows down while the weather is just right.

(f) riding my bike to and from school-- always.
(g) and mud masks and old movies with the sister.
[this week's choice? North and South. highly recommend it]

What's your favorite thing about fall and the start of a new school year?

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