on hair- with a question for you readers.

Here's the deal everyone- my hair is getting to the awkward stage between short and long.
And being as such, action must be taken, and it must be taken quickly.
I have provided some pictures for your consideration ...
[and also if you haven't been following me all that long and haven't seen the ins and outs of my hairstyles...welcome, by the way!]

exhibit (a): long hair

exhibit (b): short hair

exhibit (c): curly hair

So the question becomes-what do I do?


rebecca and eric said...

taylor, you make all these hairstyles look good! but since you actually seem to do something cute with your hair when it's long (as opposed to my perma-ponytail) and it looks as though you have thick luxurious hair, I vote for long and wavy. good luck! :)

Lindsay Rae said...

I'm pretty sure that your hair is 100% gorgeous no matter what it looks like! But I would vote for the perm. Girl, you work that curly hair. But I'm just all about changing it up these days!! Love you! Miss you!