Wedding days are the happiest days.

Dear Utahans....
have you heard of La Caille?
Well, regardless of who you are or whether or not you're a current UT resident,
I'm going to tell you something. 
The place is incredible.

My roommate and I went to a wedding reception there this weekend and it's one of those places...
the kind where you walk in and everything just keeps getting better. 
We just kept opening our mouths and saying things like "wow" or "one word:classy"

Think brick colored cobblestones, lattice fences, willow trees, a pond with swans, incredible mocktails, and last but certainly not least: great company.

 The reception dinner [not to mention the fact that the food was incredible] was in a greenhouse lined with greenery and chandeliers. It was honestly one of the best wedding receptions I've ever been to. Not only was it absolutely gorgeous, but the bride and groom were blissfully happy, both sides of the family fully participated in the dancing and festivities [the bride has 10 siblings. fun, no?], and there was a live band.

Happiness at it's finest.
So worth missing the BYU v. UTAH game.
[not that there was much to miss...]

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jkd said...

You loook nice! I like your dress :)