A thought or two on whys and things.

Girls crave consistency.
It's why they wants boyfriends and bestfriends.
It's why sometimes they're afraid to break it off.
It's why they want a husband with a stable income.
It's why they love their parents.
It's why they love routine.
It's why they love organization.
[even if it's not their strong suite]

Also, sometimes girls just need to cry.
I think sometimes everyone needs to cry.
The good, racking sobs kind of cry.
It reminds you...
Well, it reminds you that you're real...
reminds you that you care about things.
It reminds you that maybe your walls can come down...
And maybe you care about things you don't want to...
It reminds you that you're not so tough after all...

Most of the time I don't like to cry.
In fact, I'm guilty of priding myself in the fact that I do not cry often.
Maybe that's a sin, because really, it isn't so bad.
In fact, I think it's quite needed.

So today, let yourself feel a little more.
And if that includes a good cry, so be it.


Lindsay Rae said...

Even though I'm in the Holy Land, I think I'll always miss a good girl talk on your bed. Today I looked at leather sandals for you...I mean, your Christmas present that you're not allowed to know about. Miss you bundles!

Monica said...

oh hey i totally did cry on monday. fancy that.