tender mercies

I'm sorry I haven't really been a real blogger the past couple of days.
You see, right now I'm a little overwhelmed.
[With all the having to be a real person and make real choices about life and stuff, you know]
And I still have 3 midterms left this week.
So thus... it's not over yet.

But don't you worry, Heavenly Father has not forgotten me.
The other day I had to wear a pencil skirt to school,
[cue "having to be a real person" remark found above]
so I didn't ride my sweet penelope.
I thought I might die. The walk home is fifty times longer without a bike.
But then mama called and I decided to set down my heavy backpack and lie on the grass.
As I talked, I looked up.
The sky to my right was painted all light blues and pinks.
And the tree above my head was turning rich yellow around the edges.
My phone died, so I let my mind be quiet for the remainder of my walk home.
I saw green summer touched with the fiery hues of fall.
I could smell the water on the pavement.
I thought how ironic it is that to smell the best scents you have to breath deep.
Gratitude takes some effort from our part.
There's so much wonder that you miss if you don't open your eyes- or take a deep breath.

So, aside from the stress, these are the things that make me happy this week.
These are my tender mercies.

(1) friends and BYU football
(2) boys that strap sheep pillow pets on their bikes
(3) pizza and soda with General relief society meeting
(4) home evening at the bishops house: fingerpaints and haystacks

Let's make it through this week :)


jkd said...

good luck on your midterms.

Jessica Lynn said...

My mom just bought that sheep. She's an impulse buyer. It's from Costco. Super soft. FTW.

kylee said...

i looved this post. every week before we begin our institute lesson our teacher always asks for about 3 people to share a tender mercy from the week. we are constantly being blessed by our heavenly father, if only we would take more time to notice. and i surely feel your pain about school right now. good luck with everything! i'm sure you'll rock all your midterms!