Introducing to you.....Apartment 105

Tonight we introduced ourselves to the ward.
These were our facts:

(1) Collectively, we’ve kissed twenty people. One of the four of us has virgin lips.
(2) 0 out of the four of us are natural blondes.
(3) 4 out of the four of us own glasses. 2 out of the four of us need glasses.
(4) Collectively we’ve played on 10 different sports teams. 1 of us has played on 0.
(5) 3 of the four of us have the goal of getting married in December. One of the four of us has a chance.
(6) 1 of us is very much in love. 3 of us are very much single. Feel free.
(7) 4 for 4 of us LOVE to dance. Like really love. Like throw dance parties kind of love.
(8) Collectively, we play 10 instruments. One of us plays 0.
(9) In total, we’ve contributed 550 hours of service to BYU. One of us has contributed 540 hours.
(10) Collectively, we’ve won 3 state championships. 3 of us have never won a state championship.
(11) Collectively we have 12 siblings. One of us has 7.
(12) Collectively we own 117 bottles of nail polish, and 123 pairs of shoes.

Number 1 caused quite a stir.
It has been wildly entertaining to watch people try to figure it out.
Mostly because one time we all told first-kiss stories at home evening last week.
What they didn't know was that one of us may have fibbed a little bit.
And some people got our joke on number 5, and some people thought we were serious.
People obviously don't understand our humor quite yet.

We'll get there... :)


kylee said...

this may just be the cutest/coolest/funniest thing ever. i want to move in.

The Warcups said...

haha I literally LOVE this. Like I was laughing in the library trying to figure them all out! You are all so fun!

Jen Kerr said...

i miss you girls!!

Jessica Holly said...

you are hilarious. I love you.