Tonight I went to a Peru reunion.
And as I sat there with those people and talked about life since our grand adventure,
the longing that for so long has been in the back of my mind came directly to the front. 
It never takes long for it to get there.
I remember riding the bus through the mountains between Urubamba and Cusco on my way home.
My eyes were glued to the window, and a sort of hole started to form in my heart.
Someone asked me what I was thinking and all I could find to say was, 
"I don't want to leave"

Peru was one of the best experiences of my life for so many reasons. 
I was doing something bigger than me in a place so much bigger than me. 
I went to bed exhausted every night,
and woke tired every morning. 
I met people I would never have dreamed I could love so much.
In a place I knew hardly anything about.
And at the end I was left wide-eyed and breathless,
and aware of a place in my heart that I never knew existed.


Sarah said...

So great that you had a reunion!

anna said...

this is so lovely.
i adore these photos and words... it's my dream to go serve in peru someday!