on dance parties, glitter, and cupcakes

I love acrylic nails. I really do. 
Some girls like my sister hate them. 
They find them inconvenient.

I, on the other hand, love them. 
Love love love love them. 
You see, I have these stubby little hands and I they make my fingers look longer.
And they are a great addition for rings on your fingers. 
And giving back-scratches is one of my favorite pastimes.
So, naturally, I love them.
Anyways, we found out that you can buy acrylic nail sets at Walmart for like $6.
Score! We knew immediately that would be one of our purchases on Thursday night.
And who knew? They actually didn't turn out all that bad!

Also, we had a dance party this weekend. 
If you didn't know, we really LOVE dancing.
So we do everything possible to prepare. 
Including doing our nails,
curling our hair, 
wearing glitter hairspray, 
and stretchy pants to allow for full movement.
[neon or sparkly. always.]

Oh, and everyone knows that for a party to be good, the treats have to be good too.
That way it just gives more and more excuses for people to come.
If you ever want a successful party snack, these will do the trick.
I've been getting comments on them alll weekend.

And in case you were wondering, the party was an epic success.
If you don't love to dance, you should learn to love it.
[that's totally possible, right?]
Because oh my.... it. is. fun.


jkd said...

I have fat stubby fingers too. I have to search Walmart here in Vancouver, sometimes we don't have the same things as America :(

But I usually hate long nails!

kylee said...

woooaaa. you bought those nails at walmart? walmart wins. they look professionals did it. so you win too! just bookmarked those oreo cupcakes and cannot wait to make them!