Why..... so many whys....

So let me tell you about a little adventure I have embarked on!

I am currently running for the president of BYUSA
[BYU's student leadership/student service association]
 Sooo yeah, that would be why I super-struggled to blog all 20 days...

So that's the first why....why I have been so busy.

Now I want to go over another why...why am I doing this?
I mean, who wants to spend 30+ hours a week volunteering?
Let me give a list of reasons, because there's not just one.

1. I love BYUSA. I love it's vision, 
I love the environment, I love the people, 
I love everything about it. 
2. Somebody has to. Now, that may sound a little weird, but it's true. 
After a lot of thought and concentration on the subject, 
I came to the conclusion that somebody needs to take on this responsibility.
It's not an easy task, and it takes a lot of time, but it is needed. 
Which brings me to 3. I can do it.
I am able and willing and so so so blessed.
and I really want to help BYU students and give back
to the University that's given me so much already.. to the teachers...to students
4. I honestly believe that Courtney and I can help our school.
I think Courtney and I can leave the BYUSA office
and the BYU campus
better than we found it.
We both love people, we can both work hard.

if you want to learn more about us,
feel free.
and if you want to get involved....
we could always use help.
let me know :)

Click here.

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