Who doesn't love Justin Bieber and frozen yogurt?

 Today I had some visitors at work!
 They were well behaved for the most part, 
but a picture was needed so we took a quick break from good behavior.
 They waited for me to get off work then we went out on the town!
 [Is it normal to love girls night with 12 year olds just as much as your roommates?]
 Well, we went and bought some Claire's accessories, naturally....
and ate frozen yogurt. And bought lipgloss and smelly-good stuff.
Then drove home to the beats of JB and 96.3 
[country...did you expect anything else?]
Sang at the top of our lungs with the windows down and music alll the way up..
Went to the housepad and explored in my heels from work. 
I let them crawl out the sunroof to exit the vehicle. 
This is what makes me a cool adult.
 If I was twelve I would hang out with them.
Oh wait, I already do.

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