Summer Adventure: the Lindsay finale.

So then, all of a sudden, it was our last night together.
We went to dinner and saw Captain America with my family [both equally awesome]
And proceeded to wear our 3D glasses with the lenses popped out all night.
We stopped by for a late night grocery run at Walmart
...and if you thought the glasses were immature, you should have seen our behavior...
It was bad. We may have embarrassed my family half to death. 
But when you're laughing to the point you can hardly breath, there just can't be much wrong with that.
When we got home we decided we just couldn't go to bed just yet. 
So, naturally, we made cookies. 
Because, well, we love baking.
And also, that boy at church on Sunday just can't be upset at you if you give him cookies.
So we made my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.
and stuffed whatever we felt like in each cookie. 
So they were individual surprises!
also, note the odd manner in which we placed them on the tray. 
it literally makes a difference, they will be way thicker!

So that was that.
And faster than we knew it, our time together was over.
For now at least.
I sure do love you Lindsay Rae!

[oh, and coming up next: my trip to the fabulous Manhattan New York!]
[stay tuned. you'll learn all about why I have some major dietary repentance to do. mmmm]

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