Summer Adventure: Central Park

I have this sister [for those of you who don't know]
and I also have this mother.
my sister has a husband.
he is really smart.
he had a summer internship in New York.
husband's company took him and the other interns to Florida.
wives weren't invited. [most interns don't have one anyways.]
so sister needed company while he was gone of course.
my brilliant mother decided: who better to keep sister company than us?
so, naturally, we flew across the country.
for an upcloseandpersonal tour of New York.

First Stop: Central Park

Central Park is magical. It's a reprieve from the concrete jungle, placed right in the heart of Manhattan.
Huge trees, fountains, birds, street performers, horse drawn carriages, and bicycles.
oh, and fun pictures and funnier antiqued signs
personally, I'm planning on hanging this one in my future home.

oh, and hi my  mom's a model.


Kara said...
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Kara said...

Thanks my sweet Tay! I am not sure I see the model thing. xoxo mom