The best kind of summer nights.

Yesterday the roommate kept looking at me and saying, "today was such a good day"

yes, yes it was.
It was our last day of summer and it was happy.
I crafted and exercised and rode my bike.
I got asked on a date for next week.
I went to a dessert party with some of my favorite people,
then a birthday party with some others.
Some boys were serenading the birthday crew from the piano,
and I sat by the window and listened.
Suddenly I smelled it.

It was raining. Hard.

When we all got home the lightning and thunder were still rolling.
Roommate 2 and I wanted to go watch and listen,
so we went to the courtyard and sat on the roof of the clubhouse.
We talked and laughed a little and got wet.
An old friend came outside so I went to the puddle that was our sidewalk and talked.
The roommates went inside, only to come out again shortly.
Then the splashing of water commenced.
Then the sliding across the puddle Elvis style.
There were people on the second floor balcony that probably thought we were crazy.
We didn't care. Nope, not even a little bit.
We giggled and squealed so much that we had to be told to simmer down.
We always seem to need that reminder.
We couldn't have been more wet if we had jumped into  our pool with our clothes on.
And we couldn't have been more happy for almost anything.

So, some of us aren't dancers.
And some of us aren't singers.

But whatever you do, smile in the rain.

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