Well, I obviously haven't been around for the past....week?

I've been in Provo for a week. a full week.
but have I had time enough to do anything more than unpack a meager fraction of my things?


I got here and went on a leadership training retreat.

 and rode the alpine slide in Park City.
it apparently is impossible to rip those puppies off the track.
so, naturally, I tried.
great fun, great fun.
 and we might have driven a little too fast on dirt roads.

Theeeeennnnn...... I went to camp!
Foundations of Leadership is a camp I went to as an incoming freshman at BYU.
I thought it was great, and decided to do it again last year.
and again this year.
I got to help freshman catch the BYU lovebug [[doesn't take a ton of convincing]]
all the while living on cafeteria food :)
and now I'm back in Provo for real, and my schedule is starting to normalize.
aka. I'm back to cupcakes&soda dates with jess.
lovin it.
I'll try and stay around :)

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anna said...

sounds like a crazy fun week! isn't it insane how long it takes to unpack? i literally spent 15 hours unpacking my new apartment in provo...