Summer Adventures: San Fransisco

First stop: Tartine Bakery

A big thank you to the construction man who rolled down his window and told the creepy bum to get away from us. He was creepy. And talking about inappropriate things. 
And may have wanted our sandwich. 
Or our lives. who knows.

we started with a Mixed Berry Bavarian...
good choice.
1. because it was dang good
2. because our food took forever
3. dessert first is never a bad thing

and the sandwich... 
oh spicy turkey broccoli pesto, 
you are delicious.
really, really delicious.
and huge.
nuff said.

One thing I absolutely love about San Fransisco is the history
The west coast doesn't have a ton of cities with really old buildings...
Like, where I live... there's just not much.
And I just love the richness of history that can just... be felt, I think, in an old building.
the real wood. and ornate stone. the wear and tear.

and of course.. the Golden Gate Bridge.
Iconic, no?

Of course, it seems that everytime I'm in an iconic spot such as this...
the mist rolls in. [it happened last summer at Macchu Picchu as well]
but really, it's almost mystical. or magical. or mysterious. 
I mean things can't always be sunshine, right?

Oh, and the lovely Lindsay.
Our little Mongolian  artist was getting mildly impatient with us. 
We couldn't seem to stop laughing and chatting. 
In fact, in my portrait I am laughing.
which may or may not have eliminated the ability to distinguish my neck from my head.
but I'm kind of ok with that.
also, what do you do with a portrait of yourself?
a) give it to someone as a gift?
b )frame it and put it on your wall?
or c) hide it away and hope your posterity appreciates it enough to not use it as a firestarter...?
i have yet to decide.
but mostly, I was thinking a ;)
anybody have a birthday coming...?

and taffy.
it's colorful. 
stored in buckets. 
really sweet.
[I obviously really enjoy sweet. anything sweet.]
it tastes good.
aaaaand it's cute.

this comment was made as we walked through the taffy barrels...
"dare you to get a rum one"
dare me to buy extra candy?
oh, you may as well twist my arm.
it went directly in my basket.
so, here I am, in the wild wind.
on the streets of San Fransisco.
with my rum candy.
full-blown rebellion, y'all.

Apparently every creepy man in San Fransisco loves red hair. 
This one would have really loved to give Linds a big smooch....
but settled for giving us candy instead ;)
more sweets. perfect.

so, to let the taffy settle:
we watched some street performers.

This man had no arms, so he played guitar with his feet. 
If only I could remember not to whine about my body parts. 
I could have it worse. I could be missing some.

Mostly, I love me some Lindsay.
And some San Fransisco.

Thank you, Franky dear, for summing it up so nicely.

I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill it calls to me
To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars
The morning fog may chill the air, I don't care
My love waits there in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy sea
When I come home to you, San Francisco
Your golden sun will shine for me

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Layla said...

These pictures are so stunning! I lived right outside San Fran for a year and this post made me home sick for it. Must make a trip back soon!