Summer Adventure: Yosemite National Park

For our next adventure, Linds and I went to Yosemite National Park for a little hiking and/or nature observing. You know, Yosemite isn't all that terribly far from where I'm from, but you see....
1. i work 9-5 Monday-Friday
2. Sundays are a family day
3. Summer Saturdays are sort of a zoo around Yosemite.
so I just don't go as often as I should!
but having a visitor gives you an excuse to make time for it all. Thank goodness.
aaaaaand I wasn't kidding when I said haze and/or mist is a for-sure deal when I am in the presence of fabulous views.
Yosemite was not an exception.

but you can't take away all the grandeur from something like that.

also, we lucked out big time because the falls are still running
[like, rushing actually] and they should be trickling at this time of year!

we took the halfway hike at Glacier Point to Union Point [we didn't get an early enough start to do a huge hike]
but the view and the breeze were certainly something to behold.
as you can tell from above: Lindsay is a super-hiker.

my picture is a little blurry.... but it's like blurring out my blotchy redness...so it's quite alright.

 of course, this is what I really felt like after the hike. very sweaty.
and with a small sunburn patch on my right shoulder. 
only there.
nowhere else. 
isn't that the most wonderful phenomenon?

So aside from the spectacular views, there was also a huge amount of nature to observe on the way.
my favorite were the trees that were sprouting babies from their midsections!
[or twins, I suppose, call them what you will]

or maybe my favorite were the little red fungi? flowers? I don't know. 
but they stood out incredibly well among the fallen leaves and brown tree trunks

but please do not think the wonders of nature stopped there.
we were convinced we found the meadow from Twilight....

I think it's best we end it there.

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cmvp said...

The red flowers are snow flowers!!! Well, at least that's what my dad calls them. He says they're almost extinct because people pick them or kick them over...Every time we went to Yosemite it's DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. :)