Summer Adventure: Berkeley Goodbyes

Gahhh, it's killing me to break this trip into pieces.
But I think if I didn't it would just be picture/youdon'tcarethatmuch overload.

Welllll..... our last day in Berkeley we had a French brunch at La Note

and awkwardly waited for the waiter so they could take this picture.
But it's ok, because it shows how drop-dead gorgeous my two favorite redheads are.
Sandwiched between them was, well, wonderful of course!
and now the moment is frozen in time.
well worth the awkward wait [and subsequently larger obnoxious flash] at the front of the restaurant.
Moral of the story: I have cute friends. 

Then we had to say goodbye to Aspen, and it was horribly sad.
If I was a cry-er I may have cried.
But I get to see her for a day or two here before I leave, so I'll be able to cope.

and would you know it? The Oakland Temple is less than 10 minutes from there. 
and the Oakland Temple is beautiful.
I don't care if you believe in what it stands for or not.
If you're ever in the area, please stop by.
The building is beautiful and the grounds are so peaceful.

And if you're feeling adventurous, stop by the visitor's center.
we did.
and we watched this.
and talked to the sweet sister missionaries for a while.
and looked at beautiful art work.

and looked through the massive glass window out across the city.
What a view.
I do. I love to see the temple.

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