the funny ways life works.

let me lead you through this little series of events that have happened in my life lately.
by lately, I mean in the last six months.
one time, I had my life planned out.
I was running for BYUSA office.
and was applying for the business school.
and when you make plans you are supposed to think positive right?
So, when I lost the election and got put on a waiting list for the business school....
my life felt a little bit in shambles.
but then someone I met during campaign week gave me a call last week.
and offered me a really incredible opportunity.
and I took it.

and I got into the business school.
and I took that too.

and I learned the lessons He was trying to teach me.
that things always work out, and He makes it so.
and patience. ohhhhh, the art of patience.

then I showed up for our first board meeting and leadership training.
And forgot my mascara. on my left eye.
and accidentally forgot to spit out my chewing gum.

and thought....
here we go.

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