Happy Birthday, Bub.

My little brothers birthday was day before yesterday. 
He's the man.

...as is made obvious in this picture.
he may be embarrassed. 
but he also may never check my blog, 
and thus never know :)

he was always the peewee of the crew...
and now he's all grown up and seventeen years old on us!
he even passed me up in height last year and could probably now beat me in wrestling
[although we will never. ever. mention that. nor try it]

he's the only true blonde of us all
and the old ladies of our childhood deemed him
"the surfer cowboy"
blonde hair. 
tan. [[ALWAYS.]]
blue eyes. 
and boots most of the time. 
now all female specimen deem him the
"beautiful one"
I was glad for the extra popularity boost this year as a counselor at girl's camp.
where I was immediately ten points cooler when it was discovered that I was related to Zane.
instant street cred.
it was rad.

things I love about Zane:
he picks me up princess style and makes me feel pretty all the time
he's fun. lots and lots of fun. 
the party truly does not start until he arrives.
he has mad impersonation skills.
he's all man.
he can saddle a horse and do manual labor like a champ. 
he can dance to Justin Beiber in the efy talent show.
he can somehow pull off old man sweaters. [not the cute kind either.]
he does ridiculous favors for us, like getting our water that's just out of arms reach.
he lets me mostly do all his school shopping.
he's never too cool for a sibling date with his sisters.
he puts up with having all sisters.
[and all these are just the tip of the iceberg...]

happy birthday, bub.
you da best.

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