A divine direction kind of day

Here's what I believe. 
I believe that I love my family.
I believe that girlsdays are some of the best days.
I believe weekends are a very important part of life.
I believe that sweets are good. 
I also believe that I can't do everything by myself-
I need as much help as I can possibly get.
I believe that I really need divine help.
And I believe in a loving Heavenly Father who gives it to me.

Today, I went to Salt Lake to watch General Conference with these cute girls.
I believe that the church on the earth today is the same as it was when Jesus walked the earth.
I do not believe God would leave us without a way to know what he wants for us.
I believe we have a prophet who can tell us what He needs us to know and wants us to hear.
This conference happens twice a year for two days in April and October. 
It happens tomorrow at 10a.m. and 2p.m. and if you are curious, you are more than welcome to see.
The things they say are meant for the world, not just for me or members of the LDS church.
I promise it will lift your day a little higher.

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Mrs. Ham said...

super cute blog! found you through jess! she's a doll.