"i guess... we can blame it on the rain"

A few weeks ago I got to do something cool.

I have been to officially four concerts now in my whole 20 years of existence. 
The first?
Rascal Flatts. Taylor Swift opened for them. So sweet. SO good, but way far away, and with my family... which is not ideal for a concert. Why? Not that I don't adore my family, but it's a little less like going with girlfriends. Let's just say things aren't quite as exciting when you are the only one in  a twenty person radius that knows/sings all the words to every T-Swift song...

The second? 
A small concert here in Provo. On a date. I may have been half infatuated with the boy we were doubling with, who wasn't my date. So that was rough.

The third?
Backstreet Boys with Kelshead. So fabulous. We dragged her husband and brother along too. Mostly we just giggled because they tried to sing new songs and well... nobody sang along. They've lost the magic. Stick with Millennium, guys.

This one?
SWEET. That's what it was. Heard of He is We? If you haven't, you should. My friend Candace won tickets to a radio stations private concert, and she was great enough to take me, although I'm sure there were cooler people to go with. [seriously though Candace, you rock]


 Also, they're good. Weird... but good. 
Favorite Quote: "I know... weird right? We love grunge and heavy metal 
but we sing all this happy, fairy music"
Favorite... thing?: The people sitting behind us were at least 75. 
Question 1: Do they even know who He is We is?
Question 2: They know how to use the internet? (Crucial to entering the contest)
Question 3: ...they listen to MY99.5?

Yes. I was that close to them.

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