haaaaappy birfday cinderelly!

First things first: Happy Birthday to my fabulous mother. 
 I feel like I rave about her on here all the time. 
Want proof?
Look here.
Or here.
Or here.
Or here.
...you get the general idea. 
I kind of think she's great.
So, I spent her birthday having as much fun as is possible the week before finals. 
[how could I pass up an opportunity to help her celebrate from afar?]
I did things like lay out and relive the good old days.
[aka work the pigtails]
And lay under a tree.
While studying floral design.

And aced my test (just for you, mom!)

I have something to post for her later, 
but you are all just going to have to wait.
It's a work in progress.


Phillip and Katrina said...

okay you looked so good in the pigtails!!

Kara said...

Thanks baby! I love you. Also speaking of floral design... Aunt Michelle was at the house today and loved your arrangement at the front door. She said you have talent. Pretty impressive coming from the master "don't cha know" have a great few days until we get there to Utah! xoxo mom