riding in cars with boys.

Story time....
the other night we had quite the college agenda.
a block party/outdoor concert
a dance/birthday party
& a ward bonfire.

The night didn't go exactly as planned, but they never do... do they?
Well as we were heading over to the dance party from the block party.....
there happened to be an open convertible full of boys next to my car.

KJ: "Would you pay me if I just jumped in that car right now?"
Me: "Heck yeah"
KJ: "How much? Five bucks?"
Me: "Yeah"
KJ: "Make it ten and I'll do it right now"
Me: "Are you serious?! Yeah I'll do ten" (... I really wasn't thinking she would do it)
KJ: "Alright" [runs off and jumps in the back seat of the convertible]

Meanwhile, I'm laughing my guts out leaning against my car.
They drive around the block.
I'm still laughing when they get back.
They get back. I hop in, we go to the carnival and watch fireworks with them.

pays to have a wild roommate.
life's more interesting.

Moral of the story.
if you live anywhere other than Provo, don't do that.
even if you do.... be careful? but that may be slightly hypocritical.

So now we come to the bittersweet reality that spring term is over.
And my social life will die... but come back to life with sibling time.
And my life will go from independent to dependent.
And I will have a lot less pavement and alot more trees.
And a lot less friends but a lot more family.
And good Sunday dinners as opposed to endless Sunday functions.
And more crickets and less traffic.
And less sidewalks and more weeds.
And more drive time and less homework.

And someday soon I'll tell you about this crazy thing that is my life.
And about packing and finals and running quite a few more miles than I bargained for this week.
But until then, it's late... really late. And I have just one or two things to do tomorrow...

Goodnight world

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Monica said...

oh that KJ...it does make life more interesting. I need one of those roommates.