rainy day whining.

Today started with torrential downpour.
The kind where you have your windshield wipers going full blast.
But it's coming down in sheets basically so you can't see anything anyways.
But let us remember, I was anticipating a normal summer. 
And packed only summer clothes.

Are. you. kidding. me.
So naturally, my stockingless legs were freezing and I stole my dad's portable heater.
[I just haven't reached that level of class where you wear nylons even in summer]
And let it be known that I ate soup for lunch
on this the twenty-ninth day of June.
But I have a corner office with waterfalls and trees outside.
With windows all the way to the ceiling on two walls.
I have no room to whine.
I'm a very lucky girl.

There's a blood pressure machine at Albertson's, soooo  I will share that little tidbit with you. 
Because it's interesting.
blood pressure: 99 over somethin. I'm almost dead, yeah?

also, apparently there was a picture mishap.

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