No if, ands, or butts.....or were there butts?

So remember how I said I was busy?
I wasn't kidding!
We got home Sunday morning.
And I left for the coast Monday morning with my dearest Gina.
If we're being honest here, it was rather like a couples getaway.
We split clam chowder and a bread bowl
while sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean....
[have you ever had splash cafe's clam chowder? It will change your life.]
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it tastes a lot like butter....
Back to that couples getaway...
we stayed in an Inn with our own [metal] key and covered parking spot
And ate pizza in while we watched the Bachelorette.
[really, sweetheart? You're still into Bentley?]
And had breakfast at Linnea's on the outdoor patio.
a scone and white hot chocolate for me...
and an americano and a muffin for her.
mmmmmm. so good.
And to finish it off we took a stop by bubblegum alley.
so nasty. and smelly.
but worth it all the same.

and on the subject of butts...
our trip started by being mooned out of somebody's car window.
really boys? really?


Monica said...

oh hey I was just there a month ago! I had the clam chowder. It was aight. I'm not a clam chowder fan. And I hope you were putting that gum there and not taking it from the wall...

Phillip and Katrina said...

San Luis Obispo is my mom's hometown;) I love splash cafe, and although bubble gum alley is truly unsanitary we always go :)