Good dates.

I really like having a plan.
Really really like it.
So yesterday night [I'm not used to this whole nothing's-happening-on-Friday-night thing yet...]
I suggested we have a picnic and a movie.
I define picnic as eating outdoors. No blanket or homemade food required.
So we went and got Mexican food, and ate it on balcony of the house.
[my parents are in the process of building a house for those of you who aren't aware]
And to make it even better, it was right around sunset.

Some picture explanation before I go...
(a.) No, none of the faces were planned. 
There was no "funny faces everyone!" cue.
Pictures around here just happen that way.
(b.) I think I am the newest obsessor of toms shoes.
How could I not? They're like slippers for summertime!
And we all know how much I love socially acceptable slippers....

My brother was so lucky to be on this date, no?
[Two fabulous women, sunset, free food, and no planning.... I mean....]

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